Toby Williams is a Development Manager for Madhouse Development Services, Inc. Coupling years of experience in the construction trades along with tenures in both the public and private side of the affordable housing industry, Toby has a unique understanding of how to create profitable developments through partnering with private, federal, state and local entities. As Development Manager, Toby’s primary responsibilities include new project development, acquisitions, determining project feasibility, securing financing through various public and private sources, and overseeing the design and construction of multiple developments. 

Prior to joining Madhouse, Toby was involved in successfully securing more than $50,000,000 of tax credit equity and below market rate loans which facilitated the new construction of over 500 affordable housing units in Texas and the substantial rehabilitation of an additional 175 units in Virginia. While at TDHCA, Toby underwrote more than $1,000,000,000 worth of mixed-use, family and senior developments. He was also responsible for leading a team of underwriters to complete the analysis of the single largest portfolio in TDHCA history, $231,000,000, which generated approximately $80,000,000 in tax credit equity.

Toby graduated cum laude from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and a Master of Real Estate from Texas A&M University. He has 20+ years in the construction trades and was a licensed mechanical contractor in Texas. When not at work Toby enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. His hobbies include woodworking, boat building, canoeing and just about anything outdoor related.