We believe that sustainability is the future. Madhouse prides itself on creating sustainable communities that are socially and environmentally conscience. From the inception of the community, Madhouse chooses a site for its unique features and prime location. Selecting a site near major employment centers, household necessities and near major transit areas are vital aspects of site location.  In the design stage of the development, Madhouse initiates various green building features into each development to conserve resources, reduce waste and lessen our environmental impact. Designed specifically to the region we develop in, green building is about reducing energy needs, lowering our carbon footprint and preserving the quality of our communities.

During the preliminary design stage, the development team looks for various ways to incorporate the latest green building technologies into each community. For instance, such features can range from EPA Watersense label low-flow plumbing fixtures, No-VOC interior paints, adhesives and sealants, low-VOC carpet and other flooring materials, energy efficient windows, energy efficient low-flow toilets, formaldehyde-free insulation, recycled construction materials, recycling construction waste, along with other building technologies. Additionally, Madhouse has constructed apartment homes to include Energy-Star rated appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dishwashers and lighting fixtures. The team considers the building envelope a vital component in the green building of each community.  A superior building wrap, window flashing and weather barrier system helps produce a superior product versus the competition.

Madhouse also utilizes eco-friendly landscaping which compliments a holistic approach to green building design. Integrating drought-resistant native landscaping that is adapted to our site area will eventually mean less maintenance and water than exotic plants. Native landscaping is also more resistant to pests and diseases than exotic plants, thus reducing the need for pesticides. Planting deciduous trees helps keep our buildings cool and reduce the costs for air conditioning. Another area sometimes overlooked can be outdoor lighting pollution. Madhouse ensures our communities are designed to take into consideration light pollution to adjacent properties by orientating their communities to minimize light spillage.

Green buildings are designed to help meet certain objectives such as using energy, water, and other resources more efficiently and reducing the overall impact to the environment. We aspire to create well-rounded communities with a wide variety of social, health and environmental benefits. Madhouse prides itself on being a leader in green building and creating sustainable communities that will last generations.